By Andrew Fischer

Can Labrador Puppies Eat Meat?

Many vets advice to refrain from giving meat to puppies that are younger than 2 months.

If your pup is younger you should only feed him rice, egg whites, curd, bananas, boiled vegetables etc. 

At 8 weeks, your puppy is at the right age to start eating meat.

How to introduce meat to puppies?

It’s suggested you introduce meat slowly to your puppy as you don’t know if his body will accept it. 

Don’t give too many varieties of meat all at once, since it would be hard to identify which meat causes problems.

You can introduce your pup to chicken broth first. Some vets I talked to recommended to make a rich broth first and gradually add some shredded chicken pieces along with the soup. 

Dogs love meat so you can also save the good meat only for training treats. 

How to serve meat to Labrador puppies?

If your puppy is 2 months old you can offer him a boneless chicken meat. You need to make sure it’s well cooked. Uncooked meat may upset his stomach if he’s just 2 months old. 

You can also mash little boneless pieces of meat in your dog’s dry food or mix them with some vegetables.

Another option you have is to give fish to your dog. You can steam it in a cooker and mash it with rice.  

Remember, if your dog’s a puppy he will need to be fed at least four times a day. Just give your pup a few (5 or 6) small pieces of meat per meal. Don’t overdo it as your puppy could get fat easily. Feeding too much fatty foods to young dogs can lead to pancreatitis. 

Avoid giving bones to puppies

If your puppy is very young he’s teething and is unable to chew properly. Giving bones to puppies is therefore a bad idea as they may get stuck damage your pup’s gums or internal organs.

Remember you pup is just two months old, he is teething and will not be able to chew on bones. Anyway giving bone is a bad option as it may get stuck in the throat or the sharp pieces of the bone may cause internal damage.

How about livers?

Chicken nowadays are mass produced and they may be injected with growth hormones like steroids. Livers may store these steroids so it’s not advisable to give livers to very young pups.