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By Andrew Fischer

Why Labradors are the best dogs?

Did you know that Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog breed in the world as well as in the USA? 

This breed has so many great characteristics that it’s no wonder it has been awarded this title for many decades now. 

Here are the main reasons why Labrador Retrievers are so popular and can be considered for the best dog breed ever. 

1. Labradors are intelligent and learn quickly

Labrador Retrievers are not only friendly and loyal, but they’re also very smart.

They are ranked the 7th smartest dog breed in the world. They are very obedient and have a sharp intelligence. This means they learn fast and they always love to learn more. 

2. Labradors get along with everyone

Labradors get along with all sorts of animals, humans and dogs. They are good with other pets especially if introduced as puppies. If you want to introduce an older Lab to your pets, it’s better to choose a park or other neutral environment to sidestep any territorial instincts of your pets.

I have seen Labradors being friendly to all breeds. They can get along with small, always barking dogs like chihuahuas, large active breeds like German Shepherds, and even middle-sized smart breeds like Border Collies. 

So when you take your Labrador to the dog park, you don’t have to worry that he wouldn’t get along with any dog he meets there.

Also, their character makes them a great choice for households that already have some pets, because Labs are very adaptable and get along with almost every animal. 

3. Labradors are great family dogs

Labrador Retrievers are very suitable for families with children. They have a calm temperament and they love to be a part of a pack. 

They take care of every member of the pack/family and never leave anyone behind. 

Labradors have a strong protective instinct and will always try to keep you and your children safe. 

They are also very obedient and easy to train so they can adapt to every family environment. 

Labs have also the perfect size for many families (neither too big, nor too small). At around 22 inches (60 cm) in height they are the perfect size for a middle-sized family with few kids. They can live both in a bigger apartment as well as in a family house. 

A full article on the relationship of children and Labradors can be found HERE

labrador retriever

4. Labradors make you laugh

Although quite intelligent, Labradors are often very silly and goofy. They don’t take life too seriously and often act as huge funny bundles of fur, that will definitely manage to bring a smile to your face. 

5. Labradors love to exercise

Labradors love to exercise. They are ideal for long hiking trips, swimming, and playing for hours. Whatever sport you do to stay fit, a Labrador will want to join in.

The AKC states that Labradors excel at most of the dog sports such as obedience, agility, rally and tracking.

Labs were bred in extreme conditions of northern Canada so they love to exercise in any weather. 

As a result, Labs will make you more fit than you can imagine. There is a lot of people who lost a few pounds by having a Labrador. 

6. Labradors don't bark too much

Another reason why Labs are amongst the most popular dog breeds is that they are not overly aggressive and don’t bark as much as other dogs. That means Labs are less likely to annoy you or your neighbors. 

Also, Labradors are easily trainable so with proper training, you can teach them not to bark at all. 

Labs are also very unlikely to bite you or your kids. You can read more about this topic HERE.

7. Labradors improve your mood

Labs are extremely affectionate and their love is contagious. 

They are also one of the best cuddlers in the world. Trust me, at the end of a long tiring day, there is nothing better than a warm cuddle with your affectionate Labrador.

There is also a good reason why Labs are used as therapy dogs. Because of their friendliness and calm demeanour they have a special gift to improve the mood of people who have had some traumatic experience. 

8. Labradors have quite low grooming needs

Labs don’t have high requirements for grooming. All they need is an occasional brushing because they tend to shed a bit more than other dogs. 

The bulk of the shedding happens twice a year, for 20 days in the spring as they switch their thick winter coat for a cool summer one, and 20 days in the fall as they switch their summer coat to a winter one. You can significantly minimize the shedding by following our tips HERE

Also, Labs don’t need haircuts because their coats are naturally short. 

9. Labradors love children

Labs make great companions for kids. 

Although you shouldn’t leave any dog including Labradors alone with small children, they are definitely not on the list of dog breeds that are not suitable for families with small kids. 

Labs are very calm, patient and are considered one of the least aggressive dog breeds in the world. 

They also love to play fetch and other games, so they definitely share this hobby with kids. 

Also, Labs have an incredible control of jaw muscles. They can be easily trained not to bite down on things so you can be sure they will very unlikely cause a serious injury to your kids. 

10. Labs love to please humans

Labs love to please their owners. That’s why they are often trained as therapy, border protection or guide dogs. They are excellent listeners and will definitely love to follow your guidance and obey your commands. 

There were many stories of Labs rescuing people in life threatening situations. This is another proof that Labs are selfless and love to help out. 

11. Labradors are very social

Labradors love people. They are even very friendly around new people. 

They also love to welcome their owners when they return home and what’s more, they also don’t mind saying hello to random people on the street that want to pet them or play with them. 

You will definitely have a good time bringing your Lab to a party, because Lab’s calm and friendly character will attract many new people, which will also make you socially more attractive to others. 

12. Labradors are quite healthy

Labrador Retrievers live quite healthy and long lives. If you feed them a balanced diet they can live an average of 12 years. 

Although they are prone to obesity, if you exercise them enough they are one of the cheapest breeds when it comes to medical bills. 

The only typical health issues of Labrador Retrievers include dysplasia, obesity, and eye problems, but these are actually quite common in most dog breeds anyway.

Obviously, even Labs need to go to the vet from time to time, but in general, they aren’t prone to any specific health conditions. 

13. Labradors aren't picky eaters

Labradors love to eat and it doesn’t matter to them really what. That means that people usually don’t struggle to find a diet or a kibble brand their dog would enjoy. 

14. Labradors can live in any weather conditions

Labradors tolerate both hot and cold climates. They were bred to work in extreme weather conditions of cold Canada, but they do well also in warmer regions of the world. Obviously, if you live in an extremely hot and sunny environment, make sure your pup has a sufficient water intake and access to shade. 

15. Labradors are very playful

Labs are one of the most playful breeds. They are always ready for a game of tug-of-war or fetch. They also love to run and swim and especially enjoying playing with kids. 

16. Having a Lab doesn't cost much

Although there are certain fixed costs associated with the ownership of a Labrador, these are not as high as the costs o having other dogs. Total annual costs of having a Lab is around $1,870 and a new Labrador puppy costs around $1,000 in the USA. This is much less than the average cost of some other dog breeds. 

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